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We Sell, Install, Test and Maintain Backflow Preventers

Have you received a warning letter from the City of Toronto, Region of Peel, Halton Region, Town of Markham or other municipality demanding that you test or install a backflow preventer or check valve at your commercial, residential, or multi-unit property? Are you concerned about the quality of your water supply, and want to protect yourself from the liability for cross-contamination? Do you need a backflow preventer device or flow control valve installed or tested, or a cross-contamination solution installed? If so contact us now.

backflow preventer installed and tested in toronto

ARC is an approved contractor for the testing, installation, and maintenance of backflow preventers in the Province of Ontario. We offer certified Backflow Prevention Testing, Reporting, and Surveys as is required by the City of Toronto Water Supply Bylaw. We sell and install Watts Backflow Preventers, ZURN Wilkins Backflow Preventers and backflow preventers from other leading manufacturers. Let ARC be your certified backflow tester.

Certified Backflow and Cross-Connection Testing Specialists

Our plumbers hold the required Certificate of Acheivement in Cross Connection Control endorsed by the Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA), and have completed the Cross Connection Control Specialist (CCCS) course offered by the OWWA. We also own and maintain our own NIST-certified testing equipment. This uniquely equips us for premise isolation and backflow prevention projects, and will allow us to quickly install a new backflow preventer or flow-control valve, or provide backflow preventer certification to an existing installation.

Backflow Preventer Device Testing Ensures Compliance with the Law

In the wake of the Walkerton Tragedy the Province of Ontario created the Safe Drinking Water Act. As a result, many municipalities crafted new bylaws to protect the water supply. These bylaws now hold property-owners and tenants responsible for ensuring that their internal systems cannot backflow into the water supply, causing cross-contamination and illness. A backflow preventer device, sometimes called a check valve, isolates the municipal water supply from the building water system keeping the water supply safe.

Municipalities that have passed Backflow Prevention bylaws, or Water Supply Bylaws mandating the inspection and proper use of backflow preventers include:

All installations of the premise isolation devices and all related items should be done in accordance with the Building Code, Canadian Standards Association (CSA) -B64 series standard, Municipal Code Chapter 851 and manufacturers specifications.

A Full Service Plumbing Contractor and General Contractor

ARC will provide you with a Backflow Preventer (BFP) Device Testing Survey and detailed test report demonstrating your compliance with the law. As a licensed plumber, and full-line General Contractor, we are equipped to be your complete clean-water solution provider. We sell, install, service, and maintain the equipment you need in order to comply with the law and protect our water supply. Contact us now!